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Reconciliation solution

Our software streamlines reconciliation by automating data collection, identifying discrepancies, and making real-time adjustments, ensuring accuracy and saving you time and effort.

Fast and to the point

Our software expeditiously reconciles thousands of entries in minutes through advanced automation and data-matching algorithms, ensuring swift and accurate financial reconciliation.

All known files

Our online software operates with real-time updates, ensuring constant accuracy and accessibility. It seamlessly integrates with various formats like Excel, guaranteeing up-to-date financial reconciliation.


We crunch all the numbers

Picture a scenario where you receive an extensive, intricate file from an external counterparty, customer, or partner that requires a comparison with your internal records. Traditionally, such a task demands substantial human effort or necessitates complex IT projects.

Enter Tally X. Loading your data becomes a straightforward process – manually drag and drop files or employ an API for automated submission. Irrespective of the data’s format or quality, Tally X’s AI processes it with remarkable intelligence, comprehending, analyzing, and recognizing comparisons. In a matter of seconds, it provides a list of unmatched records or disputes for your review.

Tasks such as automating Excel processes, reconciling transactions, validating regulatory reports, cross-referencing data across different systems, and undertaking comparisons between mainframe database files for IT system migration or transformation projects become effortless with the assistance of Tally X.

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Tally X introduces an unparalleled innovation, leveraging state-of-the-art code and software to scrutinize and authenticate data.

This software empowers you to import data in virtually any file format. It then performs a comprehensive data analysis, constructs data mappings, and, through autonomous learning, comprehends the relationships between files and fields. Automatically generated protocols, subject to your review and fine-tuning if necessary, come into effect. Subsequently, a rapid and efficient comparative software takes over, delivering a high-quality set of results or anomalies for your examination in a matter of seconds.

Tally X requires no training, certifications, or prior familiarity with the data you’re validating. The advanced software expertly manages intricate tasks, and the more data you feed it, the more adept it becomes. In fact, we can demonstrate this solution’s effectiveness in less than 15 minutes



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